John (Brian) Clements
Why did you decide to serve?

To make my Father proud, to serve my country, and the GI Bill

VSO Role:

Cloud Consultant

Date Joined:

December 2020

Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

I joined VSO because it was right for me. Some of the factors that were significant in my decision were, A. company values (All of them are quality but 'Leadership is an attitude, not a position' and 'No Jerks' especially resonate with me, B. a new and growing company with excellent prospects, and C. the diligence and determination of a certain Marine to convince me that 'happy as I am doesn't mean happy as I could be'.

Military Life:

I was a Forward Observer in the Army. One of my memorable experiences was serving on the Korean DMZ at GP Oulette, which was inside the DMZ and 25 meters from the North Korean Border. My job was to entertain brass during the day (Oulette was popular for visiting dignitaries) and search the area to defend against incursions by soldiers or to support defectors attempting to escape at night, and to support the early warning system regarding North Korean activities. An entertaining aspect of it to me was listening to 'Singing Sam' at dusk (NK soldier that yelled very rude things from the woods 100 meters away, just after dinner, 365 days a year). It's not for everyone, but the experience, the education, the rigor, and the testing of our limits left me with a high value of the benefits of service and much clearer understanding of duty.

Family Life:

I am married to a lovely lady named Kathleen, and I have three children, 2 young women and one young man. They are all amazing, unique, and very stimulating to me. We love to travel, and Disney is frequently involved.