Richard John Crews
Why did you decide to serve?

I had a desire to serve my country and I wanted to get a solid education. My step father had also been in the Navy.

VSO Role:

Solutions Engineer on Raytheon

Date Joined:

May 2019

Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

I was contacted by Karla through Indeed. VSO provides a great opportunity with the certification bonus structure that other companies do not have. When it comes to managing the environment for the account I am on with Raytheon it can be slow because they are very behind the times, but my experiences here thus far have been wonderful.

Military Life:

If it wasn't for the military I would now be where I am today. I received a great education, firm discipline and experiences. I loved my time in the military.

Work and Family Life:

John has spent the last 31 years in many different roles within information technology but most recently he has focused on Ansible automation for Solaris and Red Hat LINUX environments. He has developed ansible playbooks for standard admin functions such as: patching, data gathering, system baselining, security & compliance, and software deployment; significantly reducing human errors and the man-hours spent on these activities.
John's previous positions included: mainframe programmer (COBOL & ADA), Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO), NetBackup, EMC Storage, Solaris and LINUX administrator.

When not working or learning new technology, John enjoys exercising and preparing for his next Spartan race, and planning for the next trip to the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and kids.